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Ana Miura, 2011

Writing poetry at the age of thirteen was Ana’s entry point to songwriting. She is the co-founder of Babes4Breasts, a cross-Canada concert tour benefitting breast cancer charities, and works full-time for both the RBC Ottawa Bluesfest and Ottawa Folk Festival.

Mike Dubue, 2014

Part-time film score composer, part-time pop band front man, Mike’s creative outlets are eclectic. He works professionally as a live sound engineer at the Blacksheep Inn, and has four albums of his own released under his group’s moniker, Hilotrons, including the 2008 Polaris long list nominated album Happymatic.

Amanda Rheaume, 2011

Her latest full-length album, Keep a Fire, was nominated for the Aboriginal Album of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards. Amanda wrote her first song at the age of fifteen and routinely sits down with a pen and paper whenever she writes her songs.

Max Cossette, 2011

Often crafting his songs on a banjo or mandolin, Maxim's songs are typically dressed up with a rockabilly/surf inspired sound. He often finds inspiration from travelling, and his recordings can be heard under the name The Sick Sick Sicks.

Gabrielle Giguere, 2014

Gabrielle’s songwriting time spent is split between her two main instruments, the autoharp (or zither), and piano. Her baroque voice can be heard in her group Her Harbour in which she wrote and recorded every instrument in her childhood home.

Matt Ouimet, 2011

Matt works full time building and repairing drums. Two full-length albums have been released under his name, and is a frequent collaborator with others having appeared on eighteen albums playing numerous instruments from lap steel to bass and drums.

Andrew Vincent, 2014

A freelance writer, consultant, and longtime academic by profession – Andrew is also a longtime artist of local label Kelp Records. His songwriting takes place in his living room where he either energetically strums power-pop on an electric guitar, or plucks away on his ukulele.

Kathleen Edwards, 2014

Kathleen’s debut album, Failer, brought international attention including an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. She has collaborated with numerous artists, including singing backup vocals on a Bryan Adams song. Her own songwriting habitually occurs within a close proximity to her two dogs Penny and Red.

Jim Bryson, 2011

A longtime contributor to Kathleen Edwards’ band, and a stint playing in notable Canadian act The Tragically Hip, Jim boasts a diverse solo songwriting career of his own. With five full length solo albums under his belt, Jim regularly finds himself writing his songs in his living room surrounded by his children’s toys.

Jeremy Fisher, 2014

Creating a specific brand of intelligent quirky pop music, Jeremy made his U.S. television debut on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2007 following the success of a multi-million viewed homemade stop-motion video for his song Cigarette.

Ian Tamblyn, 2014

Active in songwriting since 1971, Ian won a Juno Award for Best Folk Music Recording for his 1976 self-titled album. His storytelling can be found in innumerable outlets ranging from Juno Nominated instrumental albums, to numerous plays and over 25 different recording projects.

Jonathan Pearce, 2011

Indie-folk group Winchester Warm is the main outlet for Jonathan’s songwriting. Predominantly his songs are written in his bedroom, primarily out of sheer comfort.

Caylie ER, 2014

Alone in her bedroom, Caylie crafts the songs for her group Boyhood while plugging away with pedals, synthesizers and guitars. Her songs effortlessly shift from experimental pop to noisy chaos.

Rolf Klausener. 2011

Folk group, The Acorn, has been Rolf’s primary outlet for three full length records and three EPs, but in recent years has started to navigate the waters of dance music with his group Silkken Laumann. He is the co-founder of the artistically curated Arboretum Arts Festival, and is frequent collaborator on numerous other artistic endeavours in the city.

Jonathan Chandler, 2011

For Jonathan, songwriting takes place in his basement, where he likes to think no one can hear him. He is the primary songwriter for the Ottawa collective Amos the Transparent and has increasingly been taking the role of producer for numerous other songwriters.

Meredith Luce, 2010

What started out as writing folk songs at age eleven, Meredith has turned to rock influences recently with her backing band The Mandates. She splits her time professionally between programming workshops for the Ottawa Folk Festival, teaching guitar, and her graphic design business.

John Allaire, 2011

A longtime staple in the roots rock scene, his former group The Town Cryers toured the country alongside acts such as Blue Rodeo. John favours writing his songs with full view of the outdoors so his thoughts can come and go freely with the outside world.

Brendan Flynn, 2011

Brendan is the front man of punk rock outfit Terrible Liars. His songs are written in what he calls his ‘sanctuary in his house’ – surrounded by numerous organs, pianos and guitars.

Chris Page, 2014

Front man of legendary local punk rock group The Stand GT and current power-pop outfit Camp Radio, Chris also has several solo records in which he shows a quieter side of his songwriting.

Sarah Hallman, 2011

A multi-disciplinary artist, Sarah works as a graphic designer, visual artist and early childhood educator. Nearly two decades into her songwriting career, she finds peace writing on her bed where she feels her most calm.